Thomas Bowman Photography | About

Thomas Bowman was born in Sterling, Illinois and is currently a student of photography at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.  He anticipates graduating with a BFA in Photography in the fall of 2019-20.  Thomas's interest in photography began more than 25 years ago while living in Seattle, Washington, under the spell Mount Rainer and the Cascade Range.


Thomas grew up in a small industrial community in northwestern Illinois. As the son of a career steelworker and later as a steelworker himself, Thomas experienced first hand the risk, reward and hardships of trying to make a living in the US Steel Industry.  His first experience as a steelworker started as a high school senior working the night shift in the spring and summer of 1986.  After one year of college, he returned to the mill in 1987 and worked with his father and brother until the summer of 1990.


In 1990 he relocated to Seattle, Washington and returned to school earning an associates degree in drafting and design in the spring of 1993.  Thomas worked in the architectural and mechanical engineering design industry until 2004.  It was also during this time while living in the Pacific Northwest that he began climbing and exploring the mountains in the Cascade Range.

Thomas finds inspiration from his varied experiences and a wide range of interest to create an eclectic portfolio of work, including portraiture, landscapes and still life to name a few.